The three college students, Ryo, Ri and Koji are going to the beach for the summer with Yuki, whom they've been continuing their banned relationship. While willingly doing the three college students shameful acts, somewhere inside, Yuki starts to have conflicting thoughts about herself. But while she has these different feelings running through her, Ryo still puts a rotor under her bathing suit and has her walk through a crowd of people along the beach. And it still continues. At one time, the 4 were happily playing beach volleyball by the shore. But when the ball drops next to a couple nearby, Yuki had to get the ball while the lower half of her suit was coming undone from the vibe inside...Yuki could not hold in the excitement from this disgraceful act. The intense movement from the rotor and the insertion of the anal beads drive Yuki insane....While moving to the water she wants, using the fact of being used by the students as a reason, Ryo starts to tease Yuki. But, it was not the usual way he plays with her. Becoming very excited, Ryo forces his own into her secret spot! Are the forbidden doors going to be opened...
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